Publishers Letter

We are writing to announce to our business partners, readers and so many friends we have made over the years, that Western Horse & Gun Magazine has suspended it’s operations indefinitely.

As the digital age continues to dominate our lives, printed magazines are competing with instant and free access to information of all kinds and we are too committed to the printed product to exist as a digital publication. For us, publishing means paper and ink and love of quality that just doesn’t exist on the web.

Unfortunately, our research shows that the longest running and most successful magazines in the Western segment are struggling to sell printed product. The printing process is a wasteful process that means most publishers have between seven to eight out of ten magazines they print thrown in the trash at the newsstand. Subscribers are even more challenging to acquire and we are most saddened by our decision by the fact that we must disappoint those that love our publication enough to make the effort to support us with their hard earned income.

We have loved and learned from the publishing industry and the Western Lifestyle segment. The friendships we have made with so many talented artisans producing handmade one-of-a-kind wares will be our ultimate legacy and we are so blessed to have worked with such an amazing and talented staff that has each done the work of three people, who will also remain close friends.

We are further blessed by the dear friendships we have made with so many amazing people who have honored us by appearing on our pages. We hope we did them all justice with our attempt to share their stories. We will also carry forward a great love of story and the lessons that lie within them for all of us.

We do not wish to say farewell as we like to keep all doors open and you never know what the future may bring. We leave you with a heartfelt thank you
and ask God to bless you. We will continue to emerge ourselves in the Western lifestyle and provide and receive purpose with our horses. We look forward to seeing you along the trail.

Rick and Ann Pihl

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